Welcome (back) to Town & Gown!


We are so glad to see you and to start our new season with in-person performances once again!


We take health and safety issues seriously at T&G, and encourage anyone who has concerns about COVID-19 procedures to bring them to the directors (in the case of those auditioning or cast/crew), to the general T&G email (townandgownstillwater@gmail.com), or to a Board member directly (Betsy Flood, Secretary, eakeough@gmail.com). While the perfect balance of precaution and performance is likely to remain elusive, we want to ensure that anyone who comes into our theater is respected and heard.


At this time, the theater is continuing to follow CDC, state, and local guidelines regarding COVID-19 and monitoring community spread and our local hospital numbers. Masks are strongly recommended for all persons over the age of five. Enhanced cleaning protocols will be in effect. Those auditioning, as well as production cast and crew, will be given a short statement to sign acknowledging that they understand there are COVID-19 risks involved with T&G activities and have been informed of T&G's mask recommendation for unvaccinated participants. Those attending performances at T&G will be informed that their presence serves as an acknowledgment of COVID-19 risks and a complete waiver of liability by T&G. We thank you in advance for your understanding of these important policies. Town & Gown Theatre looks forward to welcoming a new season of patrons, performers, and volunteers to the arena!

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